On this website you’ll find everything you need to know about how to work with our high wire hook (also known as Tomato hook).

Tomato hooks with J.S.-System

The high wire hooks are wound according to the unique J.S.-system. All tomato wire hooks are wrapped using Lankhorst (grade) rope. Our tomato hook is of the highest quality and is sharply bent in order to prevent slipping off from the crops wire. It can be delivered in sizes 18cm and 22cm.

Tomato wire hooks packaging

Our hooks are carefully packed which is important. Using this way of packing, about 21 pallets fit in one freight container, which means approximately 500.000-600.000 hooks, depending on the length of the Lankhorst rope. Our tomato wire hooks are available in boxes of two sizes. Please look at our packaging specifications for further details!

See our product in practice

View our instruction. This video shows how our tomato hook is used in practice. This tomato hook is standard wound with synthetic Elite cord 1/1200, but of course we also wind other cord qualities (1/1000, 1/1500).