18 cm
22 cm

Tomato hooks with J.S.-System

The high wire hooks are wound according to the unique J.S.-system. The hooks are arranged next to each other in the box, with the loose part neatly folded on top. Once you start working, you first hang the loose part apart from the box, next to the cart. Then you only have to pick up the hooks out of the cart and hang them in to the crops wire. Our tomato hook is of the highest quality and is sharply bent in order to prevent slipping off from the crops wire.

Advantages are as follows

  • The loose part of the winded hook will be delivered in a length, as agreed upon beforehand.
  • The Lankhorst rope is deliverable in a variety of colours, if desired in two colours, alternating the box.
  • The synthetic Lankhorst rope is available in the sizes 1/1000, 1/1200 and 1/1500.
  • This tomato hook has no elastic or falling clip, this prevents hurting fingers and so the speed of work remains high.
  • Our tomato hooks are of the highest quality and sharply bent.
  • The hooks are available in 18 cm and 22 cm with or without free fall.
  • If you use our tomato wire hooks, you will not be dealing with any residual waste.

Cord type

  • Cord for tomato hooks, hard, normal; in zinc
  • Diameter 2.950/3.000 mm
  • Pulling strength min. 850, max. 920 N/M
  • Hooks have a zinc layer of min. 35 gr/m2.

Lankhorst quality

This tomato hook is standard wound with synthetic Elite Lankhorst rope 1/1200, but of course we also wind other cord qualities (1/1000, 1/1500). Also available with extra UV protection.


The high wire hooks are available winded with different cord colours. We provide the possibility to deliver two different colours alternating in the same box.


Would you like to know how much space you require for transporting our tomato wire hooks? If so, please view our packaging specification.